So it’s the last fortnight of Summer… and that ‘Sunday night feeling’ has already begun. The washing machine in my stomach isn’t churning just yet, but there’s a definite humming noise in the distance – we know that while all is calm now, there’s a spin cycle on its way.

I always get like this. As much as I love my job and the kids that I serve, it’s still work. It’s still hard. And as Summer draws to a close, my mind naturally seems to dwell on the negatives; the fact that I’ll soon be getting up at 6AM again; that I’ll be balancing 15 metaphorical plates while riding my metaphorical unicycle; that hair appointments will again become a holiday luxury.

This year however, I’m a gal with a plan.

I realised today that there are two weeks left, which is the length of the Christmas holiday. Christmas is my favourite holiday of the whole school year. I don’t know whether it’s the seasonal festivities, the possibility of snow or the fact that we’re so in need of a rest by the time Christmas comes…but it really does feel magical, and I’m always intent on making every second count.

So that’s what I’m going to do now. Rather than bemoaning the end of Summer, I’m going to embrace the beginning of my ‘Hot Christmas.’ I’m going to relax, enjoy, be grateful and be present as much as possible. When I do think about school, I’m going to think of all the things that I’m looking forward to – the fabulous kids, old and new; the colleagues that make up my extended ‘school family’; the creativity; the challenge; the laughs along the way.

Teaching is a funny profession. Sometimes you’re so busy in term time that it can feel like your whole life is put on hold until your next week off. You’re wired for action; programmed to thrive under stressful conditions. Sometimes Summer can feel too long. Depending on what kind of a person you are, you might find that this length of time away from your daily routines brings some negative side-effects, namely over-thinking every aspect of your entire life.

The great thing is that with a little self-awareness and a change of perspective, you can use Summer for what it is: a much deserved, guilt-free half-term of every nice and fun thing that you missed out on the rest of the year.   

Enjoy your ‘Hot Christmas!’