‘Skills with Frills’ launched officially in January, 2018. 

Watch this space for more feedback coming soon! 

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Wellbeing Cover Lessons – Feedback from Staff and Children:

Jo has been working with our year 2 children, she has used different learning activities and techniques to ensure all children are able to take part and engage with mindfulness thinking. This has improved the confidence and self-esteem of many individuals within the class. The children have really enjoyed these sessions – see their comments below:

“I love Miss Steer’s session: the activities help me to listen and I know
it is okay to make mistakes.”

“I like the mindfulness eating. You use all of your senses and it helps you to focus.”

“The activities help me to learn how to be calm and not to worry about things.”

Mrs. Sarah Gordon, Headteacher at Lee Brigg Infant & Nursery School 

“Jo Steer has worked with us on a weekly basis since January providing excellent curriculum enrichment opportunities for children from Foundation Stage to Year 6. The quality of her lessons and the positive relationships she has been able to build with children of all ages in school have meant that we are regularly able to release teachers with curriculum leadership responsibilities for leadership time, whilst maintaining the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom. As a school we have had some excellent feedback from children and parents about the work being done with Miss Steer, most notably her unit of work of mindfulness.”

Mr. David Fernley, Assistant Headteacher for Curriculum and Teaching and Learning at Walton Primary Academy.

Here’s some feedback from year 6 students at Walton Academy, following a day-long ‘Wellbeing Warrior’ Workshop. As part of their plenary, they were asked to write down one thing they’d learnt; one thing they’d do as a result of the day’s learning; and one thing they would say differently.  The answers speak for themselves!


Feedback from one-to-one Mindfulness Coaching:

“Jo has worked wonders with my girl. After several weeks of hard work on both sides, I have seen a massive difference in terms of her self-confidence and resilience. My daughter came home a different girl to the one who went to her first session. Do not hesitate to book Jo.”

Paula, a proud parent reporting on the progress of her daughter
following 10 sessions of coaching.

Need more encouragement? Here are some comments from people who have worked with Jo in the past.

“Jo is an energetic, encouraging and professional teacher! In her teaching, the child’s learning is paramount, but their well-being is equally so, both in and out of the classroom. Jo has a natural ability to communicate and connect with children of a varied age and ability, being quick to build trusting relationships where the child is truly valued. It is inspiring to witness the changes within a child, transitioning from a shy and reserved character into a self-confident and reflective individual. Her enthusiasm towards children is second to none and I can only hope that one day my child can experience a teacher of both Jo’s compassion and standards!”

Rebecca Barley, School Councillor, working with various academies and
trusts in West Yorkshire.

I was fortunate enough to work with Jo Steer over the course of three years, through my role as Maths Mentor/Shine intervention teacher at Crofton Academy.  Jo was responsible for coordinating ‘Shine’, which involved planning and delivering separate Maths and Literacy intervention sessions to groups of KS3 SEND children, who were working well below their peers and unable to excel in mainstream lessons. In addition to this, Jo managed the Aspire department for all of Year 7 and 8 pupils, teaching them how to be effective team players through inspiring group projects and topics, along with other skills.

Jo was always a consummate professional.  Her practise was outstanding whilst maintaining good working relationships with pupils and staff.  She has a natural ability to get the best out of pupils as well as differentiating work to specific levels. The excellent planning and delivery of Jo’s lessons was crucial in breaking down long-standing barriers faced by these SEND children, and for the overall improvement of their maths/literacy skills and self-esteem needed to join mainstream lessons with their peers.

I have always found Jo to go above and beyond the requirements of her role, and being so creative and skilled kept all the children engaged and interested.  Ultimately this guided their journey to making excellent progress whilst developing healthy well-being and growth mindset. 

Jo’s workload was immense as she also taught other subjects and had her own form. She works in a SMART fashion, maximising efficiency in all she does.  I have a lot of respect for Jo and she was a good role model in how best to manage everything – a teacher has to juggle! She was always calm, professional and intuitive.

Alongside this, she is reliable, flexible, genuine, friendly and has excellent communication skills. Jo always delivers what she says she is going to do.  She handles all situations in a very positive manner and gets the best out of everyone.  She is very supportive of colleagues.

As a highly-skilled, hardworking and dedicated professional, I believe that Jo would be an asset to any school or group of pupils lucky enough to work with her.  I wish her well in her new venture “Skills with Frills” and if I was in a position to employ Jo I certainly would.

Dawn Black, Specialist Maths Tutor and experienced Special Needs Support Worker.

thank you cards from kids and staff.jpg

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