Skills with frills!

Teaching skills and feeling fulfilled.

About Me…


I’m assuming that if you’re viewing my site, you have either a role or vested interest in the education of this planet’s youth. Or maybe you’re just ‘bad at internet.’ Either way, you’re here.

I am a 33 year old teacher with eight years experience of working in UK schools. In this short time, I’ve crammed in a lot! I’ve taught, coordinated and lead at different levels of Primary, before moving up to secondary, where I now lead a skills-based primary style curriculum to KS3 students, alongside teaching core-subject mainstream lessons and small special-needs groups of Maths and English.

Like the majority of teaching and support staff working within schools right now, my relationship with education can border on ‘bi-polar.’ But I can honestly say that for the most part, the good days always outnumber the bad.

I love my job and the amazing children that I teach. 

Marking with cats
I also love my cats. Here is one of them ‘helping with marking.’


My own background is that of a hardworking and high-achieving student, with incredibly low self-esteem that sadly, was never tackled by my own teachers, leading to years of frustration, missed opportunities just sadness really. Having battled my own anxiety demons and ‘social phobia’, I now feel that it is my mission to educate, challenge and inspire both our students and educators alike.

My message is simple: skills are everything.

Against a backdrop of exam culture, data-driven teaching and immense pressure on our young people, both inside and outside of school, we need to come back to basics. If we are not explicitly teaching our young people essential life skills – to have integrity, to take risks, to work collaboratively, to listen, to be kind, to face adversity with resilience, to believe in themselves, to just try – then we are absolutely failing them. Regardless of the exam results they leave with – we are failing them.

If any part of this message resonates with you, then why not subscribe to my blog? I welcome any opinions, advice and constructive criticism.

Plus, it’s free! 

Thanks for reading.


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