About Jo

Our Skills Specialist, Jo Steer, is an experienced and passionate learning practitioner with a decade of experience in both primary and secondary schools in West Yorkshire.

Jo profile picInitially working within the primary sector, she taught, inspired and devoted herself to classes in years 4, 5 and 6. Alongside this, she took on a number of different middle-leadership roles including ‘leading in learning’, Collaborative Learning Champion, Humanities coordinator and Acting SENDco.

Taking this experience into secondary education, Jo then moved into a role as a ‘Primary to Secondary Transition teacher, teaching Maths, English and ‘Topic’ to SEND children who were not ‘secondary-ready.’ She also coordinated a unique department, in which year 7 and 8 pupils were taught life skills through primary-style topic-based projects. In creating and delivering specific skill-focused lessons; through pushing children to grow their resilience, independence, confidence and collaboration; Jo began to feel that other schools and students would benefit from practising these same skills.

In July, 2017, Jo left her role in secondary education. Her last hurrah was to lead an action-packed summer school for nervous year 6’s moving up to ‘big school.’ In November, 2017, the Skills with Frills blog became Skills with Frills Education Ltd.

We officially launched on January 15th, 2018.

Jo’s unique knowledge and experience; her enthusiasm for student-lead, skill-based learning; her ability to quickly connect with and motivate children, allow her to provide a personalised, enriching classroom experience for your students.

And her CPD is ever-expanding. In February, 2018, Jo completed training with the British Mindfulness Institute (BMI), specifically ‘Professional Training in the Applied Use of Mindfulness for 7-11 year olds.’ She is presently enrolled with the Association for Physiological Therapies (APT), looking at the essentials of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  By the end of June, 2018, Jo will be also be a qualified ‘YogaKidz’ instructor. The fun – and learning – never ends!

If you’d like to see Jo in action at your school, contact us here to arrange a booking or to discuss options. Don’t forget to check the availability calendar on the home page – it’s updated daily!

Want to hear more from Jo herself? Take a peek at the Skills with Frills blog, or check out Jo’s latest contribution on TES. Interested specifically in overcoming anxiety and gaining happiness? Jo blogs daily on sister-site Anxious-Ambition.com!



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