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As well as working with schools and individual children, Jo is keen to spread mindful positive vibes among parents, school staff, individuals or organisations. Whether the end goal is to support students, children, employees or yourself, get in touch to let us know what you’re looking for.

In this busy, overstimulated world, Mindfulness can be the perfect antidote to work/life-stress and anxiety.

This is an area that we’re keen to expand in, so while options may currently seem limited, we’re working on a supply and demand basis – let us know what you want; we’ll create something just for you.

Mindfulness Training for Parents: We do offer 1.5 hour parent-training sessions in Mindfulness for Developing Emotional Resilience with Children, including jam-packed resources for each participant, at the price of £25. Sessions so far have been held at local schools in the area. Contact us if you’d like to see this in your area!

Mindfulness Coaching: We offer individual or group (4 maximum) sessions, in which adults are trained in CBT and mindfulness strategies. We cover a range of informal and formal mindfulness techniques and meditations, tailored towards the clients’ individual (or group) requirements and needs. This kind of coaching is best taken as a 6-week programme, to support effective practice and real, lasting change.

This is available with Jo in person, within the region of West Yorkshire, or via online video chat. Get in touch on 07719330358 or email jo@skillswithfrills.com to request more details.

Mindfulness Workshops: If you prefer the rapid-fire, one-off approach, you can book a shorter workshop, in which we cover the essentials of what mindfulness is, how it can help and of course, we’ll try out a fair bit too!

More coming soon…

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