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If you’ve read the Skills with Frills blog, but you’d like to hear more…. check out our sister sister, – Jo writes regularly with reference to wellbeing, health and fitness, mindfulness, CBT, positive psychology and happiness in general.

For strategic advice, ideas, lesson plans related to Inclusive Teamwork, see Jo’s
4-page pullout in Optimus Educations’ ‘Special Children’ magazine.

Published in the Times Educational Supplement (TES):

The Quick Q&A: How to support and challenge students with anxiety

The Quick Q&A: I’m fed up with being a 24/7 teacher, how do I get some headspace?

Teaching Wellbeing: 5 healthy packed lunch ideas

Teacher Wellbeing: 3 mindfulness exercises to fit into the school day

Teacher Wellbeing: Seven exercises you can squeeze into the school day

Teacher Wellbeing: How to fall asleep – 3 tips for teachers

Teacher Wellbeing: 7 lifestyle hacks for happy teachers

Teacher Wellbeing: 5 tips to stop putting things off

Teacher Wellbeing: 7 Healthy snacks to get you through the day

Teacher Wellbeing: Two self-help tips for getting out of the stress cycle 

Teacher Wellbeing: How to tackle negative influences: Thoughts on School Dementors

Teacher Wellbeing: Negative Mindsets to avoid: Unhelpful thought patterns for teachers

Teacher Wellbeing: 8 Tips to Reduce Workload Stress

Teacher Wellbeing: 2 Tips from Children’s Books on Being Happy

Teacher Wellbeing: 7 Quotes to Teach and Live by

Teacher Wellbeing: 3 Rules that Teachers need to Break

Teacher Wellbeing:  3 Tips to beat the Winter Blues

Teacher Wellbeing: 5 Ways to ‘Detox’ in the New Year

Teacher Wellbeing: Three Teacher Wellbeing Problems & How to Overcome Them

Teacher Wellbeing: Three things I did to Manage Anxiety

Teacher Wellbeing: 7 Deadly Speaking Sins for Teachers to Avoid

Teacher Wellbeing: Recipe for Stress – 5 Things we Need to Stop Doing

Teacher Wellbeing: Why Teachers need Playtime too!

Teacher Wellbeing: Waiting time isn’t dead time – it’s essential for our Wellbeing

Teacher Wellbeing: 4 Steps to being a Happy Teacher

More TES articles from Jo on the theme of Mindfulness, health and overall wellbeing scheduled over the coming year.

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