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Jo is a Wellbeing Columnist for the Times Educational Supplement (TES):

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Wellbeing articles for Staff and Students:

How to support and challenge students with anxiety

I’m fed up with being a 24/7 teacher, how do I get some headspace?

5 healthy packed lunch ideas

3 mindfulness exercises to fit into the school day

Seven exercises you can squeeze into the school day

How to fall asleep – 3 tips for teachers

7 lifestyle hacks for happy teachers

5 tips to stop putting things off

7 Healthy snacks to get you through the day

Two self-help tips for getting out of the stress cycle

How to tackle negative influences: Thoughts on School Dementors

Negative Mindsets to avoid: Unhelpful thought patterns for teachers

8 Tips to Reduce Workload Stress

2 Tips from Children’s Books on Being Happy

7 Quotes to Teach and Live by

3 Rules that Teachers need to Break

3 Tips to beat the Winter Blues

5 Ways to ‘Detox’ in the New Year

Three Teacher Wellbeing Problems & How to Overcome Them

Three things I did to Manage Anxiety

7 Deadly Speaking Sins for Teachers to Avoid

Recipe for Stress – 5 Things we Need to Stop Doing

Why Teachers need Playtime too!

Waiting time isn’t dead time – it’s essential for our Wellbeing

4 Steps to being a Happy Teacher

Want to be happier? Learn to Listen

Four Steps to a Healthier Relationship with Tech

Are Great Expectations Destroying Teacher Wellbeing?

The 5 Signs of Teacher Burnout

The Key to Teacher Wellbeing? A Better Mental Diet

How to Juggle a Teaching Career and a Relationship

4 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a SATs Spiral

How to Tackle Decision Fatigue

How to Nurture Empathy

Teachers! You don’t have to Accept being Unhappy… (Getting off the Hedonic Treadmill)

Listening Positions: How are you Listening?

Anxiety is rife amongst Teachers: Here’s how it Feels

Don’t let Teaching make a Monster out of You

Impostor Syndrome: Four Ways to get your Inner-Critic to Pipe Down!

Four Ways to Support Students with Mental Health Problems

Stuck in a Vicious Cycle? Let’s Break it! 

5 Ways to Stop Social Media Spoiling your Summer

How to Boost your Emotional Intelligence

A – levels: How to help Students Cope with Disappointment

GCSEs: How to Talk to Stressed-out Students

How to be a Happy Teacher 

4 Wellbeing Ideas that could Actually Make a Difference

Are you Feeding the Anxiety Monster?

Getting Outside, No Matter what the Weather

Why we need to work on our What-ifs 

‘Closing the Gap’ to a Better You

4 Ways to Reconnect with Fellow Teachers

4 Ways to Give your Brain a Break from Teaching

5 Guaranteed Ways to get Death Stares in the Staff Meeting 

4 Common Student Phrases and what they Really Mean

5 Guaranteed Ways to get Death Stares in the Staff Meeting

4 Common Student Phrases and What they Really Mean

Coronavirus: 7 Ways to Protect your Mental Health

3 Tips to Beat Procrastination when working Remotely

4 Reasons Hobbies help Reduce Teacher Stress

How to Battle Shame as a Teacher

4 Free Wellbeing Tools to Support Teachers through Lockdown

How to Maintain Positive Habits in Lockdown

Avoiding Mental Overload in Lockdown

4 Free Apps to help Manage your Anxiety

5 Thinking Habits Teachers Need to Work On

3 Ways to Cope with Change 

A Spices Approach (Forest School) to post-COVID Catch-up

TES School Leader’s Wellbeing Clinic (monthly in 2020):

How to Help Busy Teachers Improve their Wellbeing

How to keep up Morale when you ‘require improvement’

Coronavirus: 4 Wellbeing Tips for Communicating Remotely with Staff

Coronavirus: How Leaders can Practise Self-Care this Easter

Supporting Staff Wellbeing as they return from Lockdown

Why Communication is Key to Teacher Wellbeing 

Supporting Staff as the Lockdown Threat Resurfaces 

How to Showcase Wellbeing for Ofsted 

Keeping up Morale in Lockdown 2.0

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