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‘Skills with Frills’ launched officially in January, 2018.

Watch this space for more feedback coming soon!

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Wellbeing/Mindfulness Cover Lessons – Infants:

Mrs. S. Gordon, Headteacher at Lee Brigg Infant & Nursery School:
“Jo has been working with our year 2 children, she has used different learning activities and techniques to ensure all children are able to take part and engage with mindfulness thinking. This has improved the confidence and self-esteem of many individuals within the class. The children have really enjoyed these sessions” – see their comments below:

“I love Miss Steer’s session: the activities help me to listen and I know
it is okay to make mistakes.”

“I like the mindfulness eating. You use all of your senses and it helps you to focus.”

“The activities help me to learn how to be calm and not to worry about things.”

Wellbeing/Mindfulness Cover Lessons – Juniors:

Mr. D. Fernley, Assistant Headteacher for Curriculum and Teaching and Learning at Walton Primary Academy“: Jo Steer has worked with us on a weekly basis since January providing excellent curriculum enrichment opportunities for children from Foundation Stage to Year 6. The quality of her lessons and the positive relationships she has been able to build with children of all ages in school have meant that we are regularly able to release teachers with curriculum leadership responsibilities for leadership time, whilst maintaining the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom. As a school we have had some excellent feedback from children and parents about the work being done with Miss Steer, most notably her unit of work of mindfulness.”

The following comments are from KS2 children at Normanton Common Primary Academy, following weekly 50 minute wellbeing lessons throughout the year: 

I enjoyed learning about breaths because it helps me when I’m angry. My favourite one is ‘Lion Breath’. I’ve used it at home when I’m angry. I think these lessons help me to not be angry. (A year 3 girl)

I used the ‘Cooling O Breath’ in a test. I have used ‘Mindful Eating’ when I got angry with my little brother. I took a grape upstairs and ate it really slow. (A year 3 boy)

I enjoy doing ‘Thoughts Pop’ when I get annoyed and get loads of bad thoughts, and I enjoy ‘Mindful Eating’ because I always try something new. (A year 4 boy)

I like the ‘Mindful Breathing’ and the ‘3 Minute Breathing Space’ because it calms me down. (A year 4 girl)

I have used ‘Lion Breath’ at home when I’ve been tired. ‘Lion Breath’ has helped me to get out of bed on a morning. (A year 4 boy)

I enjoyed it because I learnt how to control myself and calm myself down. It was fun doing it and really helped me to appreciate things and be grateful. (A year 5 boy)

I used ‘O Breath’ at home to control my anger. I think the sessions help me to control my anger. (A year 5 boy)

I enjoyed learning about ‘Mindful Eating’ and awareness of tone/body language. I’ve used awareness of tone/body language when I’ve argued with my family/friends.
(A year 6 girl)

I liked doing all the breaths. My favourite is the ‘Hand Breath’. I did it in my SATs.
(A year 6 boy)

I enjoyed doing the ‘Lion Breath’ to help me shake myself out of a bad mood. I also like doing the ‘Happy Channel’ because it was fun and made me feel happy.
(A year 6 boy)

I enjoyed learning about saving, shelving and binning thoughts because I’ve been binning thoughts at home when I think they’re unhelpful. I also feel better about gratitude and I enjoyed ‘Mindful Eating’. (A year 6 girl)

Wellbeing/Mindfulness Group LessonsSecondary School:

Mrs. S. Salmon, Assistant Head at Castleford Academy: “Jo has been working with some of our students in KS3. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and the difference they have made has been amazing!”

Comments from participating students at Castleford Academy: 

“In these sessions I have really good experiences because the mindful listening helped me to feel relaxed and in one of my exams I had a panic attack but I used the breathing techniques and got my breathing under control.” (Year 7 Pupil)

“Mindful listening has helped me to feel a little better in school and the mindful breathing techniques have helped me in arguments with my brother.” (Year 7 Pupil)

“Mindfulness has helped me to feel good about myself.” (Year 7 Pupil)

“These sessions help me realise things about my family and friends. The breaths can help lots of people with general anxiety. I would love to do this again.” (Year 7 Pupil)

“The sessions have helped me to look on situations with a new perspective and to take into consideration all opinions of which I can use.” (Year 9 Pupil)

“Mindfulness helped me to feel more relaxed whenever I’m in a difficult or uncomfortable position.”(Year 9 Pupil)

“Mindfulness helped me to feel more calm and helped me to be more confident.” (Year 9 Pupil)

“When you do the breaths it calms you down.” (Year 8 Pupil)

“I’m using it in class when having an anxiety attack – it’s helping A LOT.” (Year 8 Pupil)

Feedback from one-to-one Mindfulness Coaching:

Paula, a proud parent reporting on the progress of her daughter following 10 sessions of coaching”: Jo has worked wonders with my girl. After several weeks of hard work on both sides, I have seen a massive difference in terms of her self-confidence and resilience. My daughter came home a different girl to the one who went to her first session. Do not hesitate to book Jo.”

thank you cards from kids and staff.jpg

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