School-based Learning Experiences and Workshops

We currently have on offer a growing number of Learning Experience days and workshops that can be delivered by Jo, tailored towards the schools’ requests.

If you’re a school leader in need of a supply teacher and you like the thought of treating children to a Wellbeing Day instead, simply get in touch. You can either select a Learning Experience from the list below, or just describe the specifics of what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen! Find out more about this affordable supply alternative here. 

Perhaps your school is holding a themed week, relating to mental health, wellbeing, resilience and so on. If this is the case, you might prefer a shorter wellbeing-based workshop, repeated to different classes throughout school.

Learning Experience Days:

Wellbeing Warriors: Our signature ‘Wellbeing Warriors’ workshop typically lasts the full school day. It’s aimed at upper key stage 2, but is easily adapted for children lower down school or further up. The workshop focus is mental health and wellbeing. Children are taken through a journey aimed at creating a positive Mindset, good relationships and a happier life. This day brings together elements of Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, CBT and life-skills. At the end of this session, children are left with a completed booklet which will remind them of their ‘Warrior Code’ long after the day is over.

Mind Masters: Our day-long masterclass, ‘Mind Masters’ is ready for action, either as a follow-up to ‘Wellbeing Warriors’ or as a standalone day’s learning experience. The purpose of this day is to introduce children to what Mindfulness is and allow them to explore it first-hand through a range of fun and creative pursuits. Not only is ‘Mind Masters’ a relaxing and refreshing day out from their usual curriculum, but it’s also heaped full of practical, lasting strategies for emotional intelligence and resilience.

Emotional Athletes: This wellbeing-focused day is geared towards inspiring emotional intelligence and resilience in students. Through a mix engaging activities, routed in CBT, Mindfulness, child-friendly Neuroscience and more, children gain an understanding of how their minds and emotions work, as well as practical, effective techniques that they can use when negative thoughts and emotions creep in. The information and strategies delivered here are incredibly beneficial for all pupils, including children facing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Team-Tastic Day: This is a fantastic day full of quizzes, games and practical challenges. Alongside this, we look at what teamwork is, why we need it, what happens when we don’t have it, and how we can actually do it. Whether they’re already first-rate collaborators or teamwork-terrors, students always take something useful away from this day!

Workshops & Shorter Sessions:

Mindfulness Essentials: A condensed version of ‘Mind Masters,’ this session is usually taught to classes in 1.5-2 hour slots. We cover what Mindfulness is, how it can help and of course, we try it out in a number of different ways.

Yoga & Mindfulness: Yoga classes are available for schools, ranging from 45 minute slots to 1.5 hours per session. Sessions differ depending on the schools’ needs, but generally there’s a good mix of breathing activities, poses and sequences, yoga stories, games and of course some relaxation/meditation to finish.

All sessions, regardless of the length, can be tweaked towards clients’ needs.

Whether you’re looking for SATs-based Mindfulness, Yoga/Mindfulness for Transition or something completely different linked to the Fishing Net Skills, simply contact us to discuss options.


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