SEPT 2020 UPDATE: I’m back out in schools and taking bookings for the 2020-21 school year, with Tuesdays and Wednesdays booked out for the year.

Visits are undertaken in compliance with the latest Department of Education COVID-19 safety guidance, as well as client school policies and procedures. Click here to view our Risk Assessment.

Jo Steer is a UK teacher with a unique mix of experience and skills, working in infant, primary and secondary schools across West Yorkshire, delivering bespoke wellbeing packages on a supply basis. Her passion for mindfulness-based holistic education, led in part by her own experiences of anxiety disorder as a student and years later, a teacher, make her the ideal school visitor amidst such turbulent times. 

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From one-off mindfulness masterclasses, weekly wellbeing supply cover to year-long PSHE delivery (accompanied by delivery of the Skills with Frills curriculum) there’s something for everyone. Emotional intelligence and resilience are at the heart of all that we do.  In all sessions, the emphasis is on providing a mix of skills, knowledge and practical takeaways that students can use immediately to better their mood, mindset and mental health in a lasting and meaningful way. 

Explore the services currently on offer for different groups/individuals here and feel free to check out either Jo’s articles in TES or in the Skills with Frills Blog and by all means, help yourself to any of our free resources for use with your children/students. Want more still? See Jo’s sister site, Anxious.Ambition.com, for frequent blog posts specifically relating to anxiety, wellbeing and happiness. 

If you’re ready to book or itching to ask a question, here’s how to get in touch

There’s never a dull moment here – but we enjoy every one! 

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