Gifts for teachers? Don’t buy, make!

When I worked in Primary School, I used to call the end of summer term ‘Second Christmas.’ Every year, the gifts from my class grew in number and quality. I’d like to think this shows my growth as a teacher and see it as a sign that the kids just loved me more and more; in reality, I think the parents were maybe just a little more competitive in their present giving.

Let me just say, that I never expected presents or even cards. I loved those kids regardless. When you spent a year ‘growing’ a child, and see them fall and flourish in different subjects and situations, you can find good things to say about even the most unpleasant of children.

With that said, after a year of hellish SATs stress and work-life balance being a running joke (“Does sleep count as ‘life?’”) presents were a wonderful way to end the school year and made me feel really loved. I loved the cupcakes, wine (of course!), chocolates, flowers and the jewellry – oh wow the jewellry! – but my favourite presents were always the homemade ones.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Reindeer noses

‘Reindeer Noses’ – lovely creative idea and a tasty Christmas present too!



Jam from Ethan

Homemade Jam – so nicely presented and almost too good to eat…almost!





cards from kids

Cards, pictures and poems from the kids long outlast even the tastiest wine and chocs!


So, if you’re a parent or a student who is on the verge of overspending on a much-loved teacher or support assistant, then don’t! Instead, exchange your money for effort, and make them something to show them what their help has meant to you this year. I promise you, they will treasure it for years to come.

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