100 Day of Free Child-Friendly Mindfulness Online

It’s a week and a half since I completed by #mindful100 challenge and uploaded 100 different sessions of mindfulness-based mini PSHE sessions to YouTube. It was quite the ambitious project and my mindset, skills and motivation were certainly put to the test… but I’m so glad I did it.

As such, I wanted to share a link to the playlist along with the subjects for each session, in case you want to check it out with or without your students or children.

You can follow along in order and attempt your own #mindful100 challenge, or dip into sessions if there’s something specific you’re looking for.

Here are the Session Headlines!
Just to note that until summer, sessions followed the B.E.A.S.T mode structure (Breath – Emotions – Actions – Senses – Thought) Monday to Friday.

1. What is Mindfulness?
2. Why Might we Miss our own Emotions? (Auto-pilot)
3. Can we be Mindful as we Move?
4. Mindful Eating (grape)
5. Mindful Thoughts (Thought Pop Meditation)
6. Win the Moment through Breath
7. Mini Body Scan & Mindful Emotions
8. Matters of Control… plus Mindful Standing & Sitting
9. Make the Ordinary ‘Extra’ with Mindful Looking
10. Bringing Curiosity to our Thoughts
11. Breath & the Beginner’s Mind
12. 3 Minute Body Scan: Investigate your Feelings
13. Mindful Walking
14. Mindful Smelling
15. What were you thinking?!
16. Layers of Mindful Breath
17. The Weather in your Body
18. Mindful Walking with Full Body Awareness
19. Mindful Touch
20. The Weather in your Mind
21. The ‘Head Count’ Breathing Meditation
22. Describing the Weather in your Body
23. Mindful Hand Washing!
24. Mindful Listening: What Sounds Sound Like…
25. Describing the Weather in your Mind
26. The Belly Breath (Diaphragmatic Breathing)
27. Draw your Feelings (Active Meditation)
28. Can we Wave Mindfully? (Active Meditation)
29. Mindful Listening Part II: Exploring Further
30. The Weather in your Body & Mind: Is there a Connection?
31. Lie Down & Breathe (Diaphragmatic Breathing Part II)
32. Ride the Waves of Difficult Emotions
33. Ice Cube Meditation: Exploring Difficult Feelings
34. Mindful Listening Sound Maps
35. The 3 Minute Breathing Space
36. Standing Belly Breath (Diaphragmatic Breathing Part III)
37. Breathing into Discomfort & Difficulty
38. Walking Belly Breath (Active Meditation)
39. Savouring Silence: Meditation
40. Sorting Thoughts: What’s Useful? What’s Not?
41. Calm Anxiety with the 5 Finger Breath!
42. Can you Label your Emotions? (Name it to Tame it!)
43. Mindful Squats! (Active Meditation)
44. The 5 Senses Countdown (Become a Local Tourist)
45. Mindful Plank (Noticing Thoughts through Difficulty)
46. The Lion Breath (Shake it Off!)
47. What Emotions am I Feeling? Name it to Tame it Part II
48. Breathing Mindfully into Squats
49. Mindful Taste
50. Can I Speak to Myself like a Good Friend? (Self-Talk)
51. Calm & Cool Down Emotions with Breath
52. Why Nerves Feel so Bad: What happens during Fight, Flight, Freeze?
53. Mindful Jumping Jacks & Cooling Breath (Active Meditation)
54. Listening Meditation: Rain
55. Guided Meditation: A Trip to the Beach
56. Superhero Pose & Focusing Shark Breath
57. Loving Kindness Meditation
58. Mindful Body Language (Think, Show & Reflect)
59. Mindful Tone of Voice (Listen, Try & Reflect)
60. Mindful Transition 2020 (Leaving School): What I Can/Can’t Control
61. Harness Inner-Strength with the Warrior Breath
62. The Happy Channel (Visualisation for Feeling Good Now!)
63. Stay Strong through Change (Tree Pose Mini-Meditation)
64. Mindful Listening: Noticing Changes in the Weather
65. Coping with Change (Guided Meditation/Visualisation)

Summer Sessions:
From here, we switch from B.E.A.S.T Mode Mindfulness to themed weeks with slightly less focus on meditation & more on short, snappy activities.

Week 14: Spreading Kindness
66. Send a Hug in the Post
67. The Complement Slip
68. Kindness in Conversation: T.H.I.N.K Before you Speak
69. Reverse Robbery (Sneaky Kindness)
70. The Kindness Jar: Building up a Habit of Daily Kindness

Week 15: Gratitude
71. What am I Grateful for in this Moment?
72. Who am I Grateful for?
73. Which Places can I be Grateful for?
74. Looking Back with Gratitude?
75. Building a Lasting Habit of Daily Gratitude (3 Things Daily)

Week 16: Mindful Habits
76. The Life Balance Wheel
77. How do my Actions make me Feel?
78. Take Positive Action using the 5 Second Rule
79. Urge Surfing (What does the Urge to Eat/Drink Feel like?)
80. Sleep Hygiene & Guided Relation for Bedtime

Week 17: Mindful Senses
81. Mindful Looking & Observational Sketching
82. Mindful Smelling Challenge
83. Mindful Listening: Rock Music Meditation
84. Mindful Touch (with Kindness): Be a Mindful Housework Helper!
85. Mindful Chocolate (Mindful Taste with Urge Surfing)

Week 18: The Local Tourist Project
86. Investigate your Home like a Local Tourist
87. Explore a Room like a Local Tourist
88. Experience Mealtimes like a Local Tourist
89. Experience Nature like a Local Tourist
90. Explore a Room like a Local Tourist

Week 19: Challenging Negative Thoughts
91. Naming and Challenging your Inner Critic
92. Turning Can’t into Can (or Can’t Yet!)
93. Creating Distance between You & Your Negative Thoughts
94. Visualisation: Turning a Negative Mind-Movie into a Comedy
95. Interrupt Negative Thoughts with a Gratitude Bomb

Week 20: Back to School Calm & Confident
96. The Calming Square Breath
97. Changing Nerves to Excitement Meditation
98. Walking with Confidence (Active Meditation)
99. Confidence in the Mirror Visualisation/Practice
100. Be Here Now Meditation

If you have any comments or questions, I’m always happy to hear them. Either comment below or get in touch via Twitter @Skills_w_Frills or Instagram @Skills_w_Frills or Facebook @skillswithfrillseducation

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