Mindfulness Check-in for Grown Ups

Welcome to your Mindfulness Check-in for Grown Ups:

Please answer the questionnaire, based on your mood/emotions/feelings and thoughts as they have been over the past month.

At the end of the test, you'll receive an email will your results, as will I. At the end of March, I'll ask you to complete this for a second time, enabling us both to examine any changes that you feel between the beginning and end of the course.

I've included a comments box at the end of the test. I'd be really grateful if you could include one sentence, explaining what you're hoping to get out of the Mindfulness Activities or anything that you're particularly curious about.


1. I am aware of the thoughts and words that pass through my mind.
2. My thoughts jump erratically from one to another.
3. My memory can be a problem: I might walk into a room only to realise I don’t know why I did/what I was looking for; or I might drive/move somewhere, without being able to remember the journey there.
4. I easily become lost in my thoughts and feelings.
5. I feel as though I cannot control my thoughts.
6. I struggle to ‘switch off’ from thoughts when I’m supposed to be relaxing/enjoying free time.
7. My thoughts affect my sleeping patterns – either I struggle to go to sleep, or my mind wakes me up before my body does.
8. I would like to have more control over my moods and emotions.
9. I feel as thoughts my thoughts could be having an impact on my daily moods/energy level.
10. I can become frustrated or annoyed with myself and my own thoughts.
11. I'd say that I spend most of my day on auto-pilot.
12. When I feel unpleasant emotions, I intentionally block them out by distracting myself, having a drink, eating something and so on.
13. I often pick up my phone without thinking.
14. When my thoughts or emotions change, I notice immediately.
15. I struggle to do one thing at a time: I'm constantly multi-tasking.
16. When other people speak, I’m very aware of their tone, expression, body language…
17. There are certain thoughts that I have to fight to block out.
18. Every day, I notice something about my life that I’m really grateful for.
19. I prefer to be busy as it keeps my mind from wandering to a bad place.
20. I tell myself that I’ll be happy when…. X, Y and Z (when I get home from work, I lose weight, on Saturday, when I finally get that holiday etc.)
21. My thoughts are true facts, based on reality.
22. I like to be surrounded by noise and distractions: I don't enjoy silence.
23. I can be too self-aware and self-absorbed. When people are talking, for example, I might be thinking about what I look like/what they're thinking of me...
24. I look for the good in other people and try to find the best in bad situations.
25. I often feel like my thoughts are trying to sabotage me.

Thank you for completing this! Hopefully, some of these questions might have already forced you to think about your current thinking behaviour, and the impact that this could be having on your mood, emotions, energy, self-esteem and actions.

At this stage, it's all just about awareness, without judgement. Today, try to listen and watch a little more closely to what's happening inside your mind. Whether it's a storm, a sea of tranquility, or a tidal wave with Sharknado in the middle, just try to be a little more aware of what's happening in there.

More on this soon!