Not sure what it is? Basically, it’s the act of consciously paying attention to thoughts, feelings, sensations and surroundings, with acceptance and curiosity; without judgement.

Think you may be in need? Take the Mindfulness Check-in quiz and consider just how aware you are of what’s going on in your mind.

Mindfulness Practice is a fundamental building block of happiness and contentment. And it’s exactly what the children of today need in their overly-stimulated, overly-stressful lives. 

The same goes for teachers! With stress-levels at an all-time high, and schools struggling to fill staff vacancies; teachers, school leaders and support staff need a mindful approach more than ever. If you work in a school and you’d like to know more, this TES article from a while back sums it up nicely. Look out for more Mindfulness-specific blogs already or soon to be published in TES, or take a look at either the Skills with Frills blog or Jo’s daily wellbeing blog at Anxious-Ambition.

If you’re a school leader, looking to book some mindfulness training for your students, our Mind Masters day might be just what you’re after! Alternatively, our signature day, ‘Wellbeing Warriors’ incorporates Mindfulness along with other self-help and CBT techniques. Contact us to discuss either these specific options, or ask about other mindfulness learning experiences on offer.

Alongside this, I offer training for parents who wish to support their students with a mindful approach at home. Check out my Facebook page for updates!

COMING SOON: One to one/group Mindfulness coaching for children; Mindfulness training in the workplace; Mindfulness for school staff. 

Want to learn more in the meantime? Have a look at my top 5 recommendations for further Mindfulness reading.  


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