Why choose Jo instead of Supply?

So… your year 5 teacher tells you they’re out next Thursday and need cover. You’re on autopilot, about to begin the process of booking in a supply teacher for the day.

But something makes you STOP…

You remember that there’s apparently a lovely, professional, local teacher, who offers a brilliant alternative to supply teaching.

teacher profile picShe’ll come in with her knowledge, skills, resources and enthusiasm, and treat your children to a fantastic life-skills/wellbeing-enriching day; a day that they’ll remember, with skills that they’ll continue to develop long after the day itself.

Both the children and the parents will appreciate this great day, along with the fact that your school chose to arrange a day for your students, based on supporting their mental health and happiness. We don’t even need to tell them it was booked last minute! 😉

Your staff will very likely appreciate this too. Whatever the reason for staff absence, all of us in the profession know that planning lessons for supply staff to cover can be time-consuming, arduous and often pretty ineffective. Having been at both sides of the table many times, Jo knows this all too well! Choosing to book Skills with Frills in for a day
will mean that your staff can relax, recover or channel their energies into other tasks. She’ll come in, set up and get on with it. The end!

And it’s so reasonably priced, that in many cases it won’t cost you a penny more than a standard supply teacher would.

So you’re getting MUCH more, for less! 

Worried about cutting ties with supply agencies? No need! While Jo is multi-talented, she can only be in one place at one time. Therefore, we’re not trying to usurp any ongoing relationships with supply agencies. We’re just offering an alternative option!

Looking to book Jo in? Check the bookings calendar to see when she’s available and call 07719330358 or email jo@skillswithfrills.com at your earliest convenience.


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