If you are looking to recruit an energetic, experienced and professional teacher for the day, or looking to book a workshop day for anything from Ancient Greeks to teamwork skills, then look no further! Our Skills Specialist, Jo, will meet both needs in one rather sparkly package.

Why book with us?

  • We’re affordable: We provide the same service as a class visitor, but cost as little as a standard supply teacher. Your first day’s booking is at a discount cost too so there’s even more incentive to try us out!
  • We need no chaperone: Jo is CBS checked and expertly qualified to manage, engage and care for students throughout the day. You’ll be left with thorough feedback so you know what has been covered.
  • We do it all: Zero planning from your end: rather than your teachers anxiously rushing off lesson plans for someone else to follow, Jo will do it all while your staff can take a much needed rest or focus their efforts elsewhere.
  • We tailor our teaching to your students’ needs: Are your year 4 class in need of work on column addition and subtraction, with some teamwork skills thrown in along the way? Would you like your year 5s to have a morning of creative writing followed by a concertina of mindfulness session? Do you have a small group of struggling year 6 students that need extra SATs prep and maybe even some anxiety-busting mindfulness? Just tell us what you need and that’s what we’ll deliver.
  • We’re super flexible: Whether you need Jo for a one-off day, a week, or regular days within a term, just let us know and see what we can do.
  • Your students will benefit: They’ll have an enjoyable and engaging day learning new things and will leave feeling good about all they have achieved. No matter what the specific focus of the lesson is, Jo will find opportunities to develop FISHING NET skills… so your students will continue to benefit long after their visit.

If you’d like to register interest, make a query or discuss a booking, call 07510888562 or email and we’ll get back to you at the earliest convenience.


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